Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Funny how things work.  I was reading the article Naida gave a link to….I scroll down and see an article on the brown marmorated stink bug.  I take a quick look at it…see that we don’t have to report it in our area any longer.  Then I look up at the sliding door of my camper. I see 4 bugs.  Yep you guessed it!  They were the culprit I just read about…has the distictive black and white pattern along the abdomin area area and the striped white on antenane.  For more information on these check out the site at :


Jennie sent the follow photo for our blog along with this message

Time to repot!  Remember the clivia seeds/seedlings Olga gave us the
last time she spoke to our group on propagation?  I read that they bloom
better when pot-bound and mine had 3 flower stalks come up so far this
year. Must have been trying to tell me something but I didn’t get the
message until it popped the side off the ceramic pot. How about this
cut-away view of its fat roots!